Skala Port, Patmos Greece - high resolution 'GigaPan' image.

Create 360 degree panoramas

The high resolution interactive view of the harbour front and port at Skala was produced from dozens of images stitched together to give a 'clickable' image allowing you to zoom in and see the town like never before!

(Apologies that this feature is not yet available on some platforms such as the iPhone/iPad etc.)

You can also click the thumbnail snapshots underneath the main image to be taken to a particular view. Just double-click anywhere on the panorama to zoom into that section and just wait a short while until your view comes into focus.

You can produce your own interactive 'GigaPan, GigaPixel' images by using a motorised panorama head which moves and rotates your camera and then automatically takes each photo in sequence, then assemble all the images into one huge picture or interactive panorama to view on the web using a viewer as above - see the GigaPan heads here.