Livadi Kalogiron

Livadi Kalogiron, Patmos Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Patmos: Livadi Kalogiron.
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We travelled around Patmos on a quad bike which occasionally managed over 30km an hour, although speeds of this vitesse were never achieved up hill. So when we spied the signs to this little beach, I thought we would be crazy to bother going to it at all. It was a long way down a mountainside, dropping to the coast. Why bother?

I was outvoted.

And although it irks me to admit it, I was wrong! It was well worth the trip. This tiny little beach and hamlet behind took us not only to a picturesque patch of the north coast of Patmos, but also back in history to an age where crops were threshed on a threshing circle and carried on the back of a mule. The market gardens were immaculately tended and there wasn't a sound of any motorised vehicle for miles.

As if that wasn't enough, the tiny taverna perched on the edge of the beach was obviously a hidden gem. It had attracted a surprisingly large amount of hungry visitors. The fantastic aroma of freshly-caught, grilled fish drifted out across the beach and made our mouths water. The beach was almost deserted, but that could have been partly due to the northerly winds that were blowing that day.

Livadi Kalogiron beach and panorama view.

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Map of Patmos showing the location of Livadi Kalogiron at Latitude 37.37065 / Longitude 26.56225.
We have visited Patmos on a number of occasions to produce this tour, this page was created on Thu, 28 Apr 2016 17:15:52 +0100.

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