Lemonou bay

Lemonou bay, Patmos Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Patmos: Lemonou bay.
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I saw this beautiul cove and beach from the road on the way to the North-East tip of Patmos.

I was sure it must be inaccessible, as the slopes and cliff sides leading down here looked a bit too dangerous to attempt.

However I then spotted a small gate in the metal fencing by the roadside and stopped to take a look, and there was even a strip of wood with the handpainted lettering 'LEMONOU DOOR' still visible in faded yellow paint.

I decided that I would return and attempt the climb, but that the 'flip-flops' currently on my feet woud definitely not be up to the job.

Back in Skala I was tipped off that the best place to get some good footwear would the 'Sports CAVE' just off the square - so it was that just a short while later I was kitted out in a snug pair of Nike's!

Shoes you could never lose!

The footwear was up to the job, and I made the climb down to enjoy the reward of having this beautiful beach all to myself.

Lemonou bay - a hidden jewel...

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Map of Patmos showing the location of Lemonou bay at Latitude 37.34654 / Longitude 26.59981.
We have visited Patmos on a number of occasions to produce this tour, this page was created on Thu, 28 Apr 2016 17:15:52 +0100.

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