Lefkon, Lefkes beach

Lefkon, Lefkes beach, Patmos Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Patmos: Lefkon, Lefkes beach.
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Just in case you're wondering: yes, we really were the only people on this beach in the middle of the day in peak season! Although to be fair, it was catching the wind pretty spectacularly that day as there was a strong north westerly breeze.

The road/ track leading to the beach is obscurely positioned off the main road to Kambos and even once you find it, you could easily lose faith and decide you had made a mistake. Persevere and you'll find this tranquil slice of nature. We think the island in the far distance is Ikaria.

Can you see the small caravan at the back of the beach? This is the only concession to tourists - it is a snack bar, with an intricately adorned seating area (see our next panorama).

A table for one at Lefkon beach and panorama of the view.

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Map of Patmos showing the location of Lefkon, Lefkes beach at Latitude 37.35522 / Longitude 26.54028.
We have visited Patmos on a number of occasions to produce this tour, this page was created on Thu, 28 Apr 2016 17:15:52 +0100.

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