Patmos Island, Greece - the Highway Code...

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Missing the 4-way stop or the traffic calming speed humps?

For me, it was when I returned home and was sat at traffic lights at 8.45 am on a wet Tuesday morning.

It hit me - as I looked around and saw double yellow lines, traffic lights, give-way, no-entry, limited parking, no unloading, no left turn, no u-turn etc. etc.

Had I really not noticed while I was in Patmos?

I have driven round the island numerous times. Sometimes to the more inaccessible beaches and coastline, but also along the main roads from Skala to Chora and Grikos or Kambos.

None of the restrictions I was used to dealing with as part of my daily drive in the UK even exist on the island - no speed-humps or traffic calming chicanes on Patmos.

Even the good-natured chaos by the port and quayside area, where taxis, coaches, visitors dragging suitcase on wheels mix with mopeds, scooters, quad bikes, agricultural 3-wheelers and even the odd donkey are all allowed to carve their own route, park where they like or just stop in the centre of the road to chat and pass the time...