Patmos Blue - the search for the ultimate shade...









I am sure I am not alone in thinking when on a foriegn trip or holiday "I would rather live here than back at home", but what would I do to earn a living? work behind a bar, on a farm, on a fishing boat, washing up in a café?

I thought I had spotted a niche on our visit to the Greek islands, particularly when visiting Patmos.

I would open a paint shop. Nothing on the scale of when we have in the UK such as B&Q or Homebase with aisle after aisle of rainbow shades, subtle hues and colour-wheel matching. No. This would be easy - after all, I would only need to stock two colours.

White and Blue.

Smugly I wandered around with this idea in my head. 'Tonys Paint Shop' - marvellous. Tins of paint piled high, and customers queueing at the door.

"The Blue sir? - Yes, it's just over there, by the White"

I discussed my plan with a few locals.

They were horrified.

I had completely missed the point.

"Patmos Blue" said one, a decorator and handyman "it's the bane of our lives"

Anthony Quinn's Patmos Blue colour picker - click and drag on the colour chip below to select the required shade of Blue...

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Every customer wants it painting 'Patmos blue', but every customer has a different idea what colur Blue this actually is. We mix the paint, thin the paint, add more Blue, add more White, paint sample panels...

Another man had overheard, and joined in, and then another....

"You can mix a Blue that the customer likes, then turn around and the light has changed, then they want it a shade lighter, then darker, then 'I liked it better before'...

I realised that they must be telling the truth, as I looked around the town and stared to notice the different Blues. Not here the strong dark blue of the striped on the Greek flag. No.

Patmos Blue PaintBlue with a hint of white, a hint more of White. White with 2 parts Blue, Blue with a little more White. Look at the Blue of the street chairs at the Mostra Café - is THAT Patmos Blue? or the deeper Blue of the woodwork at the Inernet Café, is that the Blue? The Blue of the sea in the harbour? The Blue of the sky over the windmills at sunset? A thousand shades of Blue...

I enquired if perhaps the woodwork of the Council building in the main square in Chora might be the definitive article. the 'Official' Patmos Blue?

Three pairs of eyes swivelled skywards.

"Oh No!"

"Thats Chora Blue!"