Patmos voted No.1 in the top 10 list of most idyllic places tolive

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It is hardly surprising that Patmos made it on to Forbes' the list of most idyllic places to live.

With just about 13 square miles of island surrounded by the Aegean Sea, beautiful unspoilt beaches, great summer sunshine and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere it must appeal to many.

Stepping onto the island from the Ferry boat you can feel that you have landed somewhere very special.

Patmos - idyllic
The streets and flowers of Chora lead you to the Monastery.

There is also the bonus that as the island has been declared a holy site, and the town surrounding the monsatery is a Unseco heritage site there has never been any over-development, yet the fact that getting to Patmos is not as simple as just landing on the next charter flight ( the nearest tourist airports are on Samos and Kos islands) so property values, while high, have never reached the excesses of some other locations in Forbes' list.

I do wonder though if their researchers ever visited the island 'out of season' say in January?

Most of the hotels, bars and restaurants etc. close for the winter, and many of the staff and owners return to the Greek mainland for 5 months or so. I have spoken to a few, one of whom did point out that in the depths of a Patmos winter with stormy seas and grey skies, on an island with no dentist, doctor, hairdesser etc. and only intermittent transport to the other islands it can seem a very different place to the island most of us see in the summer.

Next year we intend to visit the island very early in the year (rather than the end of August / beginning of September) and maybe see a different island, with more green, and the last of the winter clouds as the island wakes for another season.