Getting to the island of Patmos, Greece.

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Now that you have started to fall in love with Patmos - how do you get there?

Patmos catamaran

Kos to Patmos: Video

Patmos has no airport, so unless you can arrive by helicopter and land at the helipad and then be whisked to your private villa in a 4x4 with blacked out windows (don't laugh - this DOES happen!) then the option is to arrive by sea.

Boat Charter?
Of course if you have your own (or chartered) yacht or cruiser, then of course you could sail up and moor in the marina at Skala or off shore at one of the beautiful beaches.

For the rest of us arriving from coutries outside Greece then the choice may be a little less exclusive.

Partmos is well served by ferries, catamarans and 'flying dolphins' (Hydrofoil).

You can sail from Pireaus, Athens aboard one of the larger ferries operated by Blue Star or ANEK. This trip will take between 7 and 10 hours. if this is your chosen route make sure you get your ticket in advance, as during busy periods it is easy to miss your sailing by being still stuck in a queue for tickets!

Catamaran and Flying Dolphin Hydrofoil
Another alternative is to take a flight to the island of Kos, or Samos and then travel by either Catamaran (operated by Dodekanesios Seaways) or a Flying Dolphin hydrofoil - these are smaller vessels, and as they were originally designed for travel on the Russian lakes can be restricted from sailing at any point when the wind speed is high and the sea conditions rough. Note that as the Flying Dolphins call at many islands, for instance from Kos to Patmos you might also stop at Kalymnos, Symi, Leros and Lipsi you may find your jouney ends at an earlier point that you intended! Maybe a pleasant unexpected overnight stay on Leros?

Our recent journeys
On our most recent trip we travelled from and back to the harbour in Kos Town by Catamaran. The sea was quite rough, making it an exhilarating journey of just under 3 hours (with smoother seas this is advertised as 2 hours 35 minutes).

Video journey - take the Catamaran trip from Kos Harbour to Patmos in just over a minute:

Click to play video. HTML5 compatible browsers and mobile devices.

In previous years we have also taken the big ferry from Kos Town (slow, but reliable, and with reclining seats or spend some of the journey in the bar) and also travelled from Samos (Pythagorion port) to Patmos by Flying Dolphin, a journey of about 90 minutes).

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