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Patmos local weather
Patmos Map:

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Where is PATMOS? - take a look at our maps....

Steps and Flowers in Patmos Greece
Photo: Chora, Patmos

Patmos Greece - sunset
Photo: Patmos sunset

Skala port from mountain
Skala port from mountain "...From this viewpoint, you can easily notice how sheltered the almost circular bay is, making it an ideal harbour..."
Hohlaka Beach sunset Skala
Hohlaka Beach sunset, Skala "...The sunset here was truly stunning. We sat at Oklaca Italian restaurant, right next to the shore and breathed in the view..."
Agrolivado beach
Agrolivado beach "...We think its popularity may lie in the fact that it has hit a good balance in providing facilities for visitors, but without spoiling its essential attractiveness: for instance, there are sunloungers and parasols, but only on half the beach..."
Windmills at Chora
Windmills at Chora "...These beautiful structures stand right of the crest of the hill, close to the Monastery at Chora..."
Kambos Beach
Kambos Beach "...Here, you can find a number of tavernas, along with hire facilities for windsurf boards, sailing boats canoes, pedalos, and paragliding. It is also one of the few beaches with sunlougers and parasols..."

Tony Quinn

Psili Ammos beach
Psili Ammos beach"...There is a daily boat from Skala port, the 'Afrodite' which will bring you to the beach and moor up for the day. The boat sails at about 10 am daily, subject to sufficient demand...."
Monastery of Saint John the Theologian
Monastery of Saint John the Theologian "This panorama shows the main courtyard area open to the public. If you are visiting the Monastery please pay attention to the dress code..."


Anthony Quinn's virtual tour of the Greek Islands includes the Island of Patmos, one of the Greek Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea. We have also recently addeded KEFALONIA, ZAKYNTHOS and SANTORINI to our collection of tours - we hope you enjoy your visit. We try to revisit Patmos at least once every summer to experience the magic of the island, and keep up to date with any new developments...

Patmos pomegranates
In 2012 and again in 2013 we revisited PATMOS, to bring you great new views of the island, beaches, towns, villages and local businesses including shops, cafes, apartments, houses in Chora and Patmos hotels.

In Spring 2014 we added just a few more locations to our tour of the Island, including: Yannis Taverna, Chris Hotel, Blue Fin Center, views of Skala, Thalassa Fashions and Pitta Konne returning for a very short visit in October 2014 for another look at Meloi (now the camp site has gone) and the beaches at Patelia, along with a very quiet Kambos

Patmos is part of the Dodecanese group of islands in the Aegean, only 40 miles from the Turkish coast. The historic Monastery of St. John is situated in the island's historic capital, Chora.

Almost every visitor to Patmos will arrive by sea at the Port and Harbour in Skala. (see our page of information on 'getting to Patmos') The hustle and bustle of the harbour area will be your welcome, as you mingle with locals and day trippers visiting as a stop-over on their Cruise and other arrivals by ferry, catamaran or flying dolphin.

You can take in some of the sights of Skala such as the 'Arion' bar right on the quayside, views of the port, businesses in Skala such as Mostra Cafe, the Internet Cafe, Art Cafe, plus a look inside the Skala Hotel and the views from the Australis Hotel terrace balcony.

Skala Patmos
Photo: Skala Patmos

We have of course checked out all the beaches for you - choose a destination from the Patmos Map, or start your tour from Psili Ammos, Agrolivado, Kambos (and see the 'Patmos Paradise' Hotel) , or why not a whole beach all to yourself such as Vagia, Livadi Geranou, Skippers Beach Bar, Meloi, Aspri (where you can also take a look inside the Remvi apartments) or Lefkon... (if you are thinking of walking to the beach at Psili Ammos you may find our map to the beach useful).

The Cave of the Apolcalypse, Patmos
The Cave of the Apocalypse

Anthony Quinn in Patmos Greece

We were invited to take a look inside some of the tradtional houses (available for rent) in Chora - take a look inside, and also of the great views from up on the hill at Jimmys Balcony by the Monastery of St. John, and the 3 windmills on the skyline.

Patmos port
Photo: Quayside at the port. Patmos.

We also have new views of Grikos, and sunset at Hohlaka beach on the west of the island (in fact, just a short stroll from the east of the island!)

Patmos has always been one of our very favourite destinations, and since our first visit over 10 years ago we have travelled far and wide, photographing virtual tours of other Greek Islands, The Canary Islands, The Azores, The Balearic Islands, The South of France, and many more destinations both in the UK and abroad ( I know, awful job, but somebody had to do it!).

Livadi Kalogiron beach
Photo: Livadi Kalogiron, Patmos.

Returning to Patmos after such a long break it was great to see how little has changed, and that the few small changes we did notice all seem to be improvements - from the minute you set foot on the island you can feel the magic, and this is a very special place to be a guest.

A big thank-you to all the people who made our 2012 trip so enjoyable, and again in 2013. We were made welcome wherever we went, and made lots of new friends and rediscovered some old ones (just where we left them in 2003!).

If you are looking for the 'Real Greek Islands' the way it used to be, then you too will love this special place. For those of us who have already been lucky enough to visit Patmos it will always draw us back. It is little wonder that this island has been voted the worlds most idyllic place...

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Skala Hotel pool
Photo: Swimming pool at the Skala Hotel, Patmos